How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency

How to start a digital marketing agency: The ultimate guide

According to a recent study by Global Industry Analysts Inc, the Global Digital Advertising and Marketing Market is expected to reach $786.2 billion by 2026. In India alone, the digital advertising industry stood at Rs. 266 billion at the end of FY21 and is expected to reach Rs. 539 billion by FY24.

Do you want to know how to start a digital marketing agency?

You can also carve a piece of this market for yourself. Guess what, even 1% of the Indian market will give you a revenue of Rs. 5.39 billion. Technology has redefined how business is done over the last few years. In short, the digital marketing industry is booming. With more businesses turning to the internet for promotion and branding, it is expected that the companies will continue to spend more money on this industry at least for the next few decades.

With the right set of tools, knowledge, and platforms available at your disposal, you can be aware about how to start a digital marketing agency. You will be your boss, get to meet a lot of successful people, and learn new things every day. Can it be better than that? Read through this guide that will help you get started with your digital marketing agency.

How to start a digital marketing agency

What is a digital marketing agency?

A digital marketing agency is a start-up that is in the business of providing digital marketing services to other clients.

What does a digital marketing agency do?

A digital marketing agency provides expert services under the digital marketing domain like search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, lead generation, email marketing, and content marketing to businesses that have a requirement to promote their businesses on digital platforms.

What is a digital marketing agency

How digital marketing agency works?

A digital marketing agency works by winning clients who are looking for digital marketing services and provides solutions in terms of various components of the digital marketing field. A digital marketing agency can be run as a solopreneur model wherein a small team or a single person provides digital marketing services to businesses. As the business grows, you can look at hiring vertical specialists that can bring the depth required to do a job thoroughly.

A digital marketing agency needs to have strong domain knowledge i.e. about digital marketing. The strong domain knowledge will also bring in a sense of self-confidence in the team and the entrepreneur.

How to start a digital marketing agency

Starting a digital marketing agency is similar to starting any other services business. You can start as a freelancer and gain some experience before registering a business as a digital marketing agency. If you already have some experience in this domain, you can take the following steps to start a digital marketing agency:

  • Finalize the name and logo of the agency
    • Register the company as a proprietorship, partnership, Pvt ltd company, or LLC
    • Set up your website
    • Start marketing your business on online and offline channels
    • Build a blog and promote your content on social media platforms
    • Sign up for essential tools and set up your ad accounts
    • Build the initial team
    • Win first few clients and get started
How to start a small digital marketing agency

How to start a small digital marketing agency?

In case you are tight on budget and are looking at starting a digital marketing agency with the bare essentials. Not to worry! We have got you covered.

You can start a small digital marketing agency by offering services in any or a few of the areas under digital marketing based on your strengths. For instance, if you are good at SEO and paid ads, you can offer these two services to clients in the initial phase.

As you gain more clients and experience, you can build a small team that can work remotely. With this, you would not require physical office space for your work. This is how to start your digital marketing agency.

How to start a digital marketing agency in India?

Starting a digital marketing agency in India is similar to as it is in other parts of the world. As long as you are following law of the land, you would be fine starting an agency for providing service in any part of the world.

How to brand your digital marketing agency?

To get started with branding your digital marketing agency, you would require a name, logo, and website of the agency up and running. Do not sweat too much over the look and feel of the logo and website at this stage. You can always change it later. The name should be as per the services that you are offering to your clients. The website should ideally be with a .com domain. If not, you can always select a location-specific domain like a .in or a for India.

You can start bringing your agency on social media platforms. You need to join all the social media platforms. You can select a few that are relevant and popular in your industry. For instance, for a digital marketing agency, LinkedIn and Instagram would be better suited.

How to get clients for a digital marketing agency

How to get clients for a digital marketing agency?

This is the most important step. An agency is as good as the number of paying clients you have. Getting the first few clients may be difficult, especially if you do not have any experience under your belt. You can start searching for smaller clients in this phase that would be open to engaging with you. You can get started by spreading the word among your friends and family.

Getting the first few clients is important to get your business off the ground. You can look at smaller businesses that would require digital marketing services and can pitch your services to them at nominal costs.

This will help you in building a strong portfolio for future clients.

How to grow a digital marketing agency?

After you have initial few clients under your umbrella, it is now time to scale and get your business to another level altogether. You can start building a team with vertical specialists like SEO experts, content writers, social media marketers, and lead generation & email marketing experts.

This will help you in building a strong team that will get you more clients in the long run.

You can now go for bigger clients with your portfolio and the results that you have been able to achieve for your other clients.

You would require a strong digital marketing campaign for the agency and a team of business development associates who would be in touch with the clients and get them on board.

Growing a digital marketing agency is very important to reach the middle to the top rung in your industry.

Get started with these steps and set up your digital marketing agency.

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